2022 Johan September – Out of Paradise

Tree of pleasure – Tree as a human landscape

The return to nature during the past pandemic, was for many people a rediscovery, the wonder that many people had lost from childhood.
But also the exoticism predominant in Gauguin’s work from his Tahiti period,
the dream world.
These are the foundations of the exhibition ‘OUT OF PARADISE’ but also the need to create a new path, after the negative of the pandemic. The search for renewal or
redefining the known.

The explosion of colour and form the reference to earthly paradise, the voyage of discovery and the forbidden fruit.

The confrontation of the known character of trees and fruits as well as the power of the colour palette makes you pause for a moment.
And sparks a dialogue between the artworks and the visitor about the how, what and where we are. In or out of paradise.
Have we lost track or taken a wrong turn.
This exhibition makes us all ponder for a moment what paradise means or can mean to each of us, more experience and authenticity and less superficiality.

Between vision and experience.

The Double Figures

Kastor & Pollux the figures of Greek mythology, sometimes as gods on Olympus, sometimes as mortal souls.
The immortal, positive and extrovert sign attributed to Gemini are definitely reflected in the double figures. Evolution and connectedness are clearly present, but also immortality, mutation into a new form of existence, fluidity and organic.
Support and support have proved more than ever a cornerstone of our current society during the past (covid19) period.
Carry or be carried are the tenets of society, economy and culture alike.

OUT OF PARADISE – are we not all looking for paradise,
as children are always creating their own universe from their discoveries and fantasies.

Johan September